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If a sound reasonable extension can't be made then trading for prospects and getting something now when you'll get nothing in the offseason as he becomes a free agent pushes you towards that direction, but devil's advocate would say differently...that trading Ribeiro in a playoff push would undermine the fragile status of the locker room and it would be better to let things play out on their own.

This roster isn't like the 1998 Stanley Cup roster. Do any fans or management feel the magic of something great? Are the Caps on fire heading into the post season? Would a minor tweak like adding a Bellows or Tikkanen help this squad? Not really.

What's been one of the true highlights of this Caps season aside from Ribeiro starting to gel as a Capital? That's a simple answer. The Caps found their goaltender. His name is Holtby. No time or energy must be spent on goaltending going forward. Neuvirth is now tradable. A bonus was Hamrlik being waived and claimed by the Rangers as well as Poti is completing the final year of his contract. Find more seo houston company

As mentioned in the top of the article these are basically the same Caps. Green gets injured and misses time and Backstrom flourishes in open ice in a European hockey style environment. The team lacks a true physical talented center that will fight for loose pucks and skate the puck through the neutral zone. It also lacks a physical defenseman. Erskine is certainly physical and plays good defense but his lack of speed limits him against certain teams and forces him out of the lineup. The most talented Capitals still may be a season or two away in Yevgeni Kuznetsov, Filip Forsberg, and Tom Wilson. It's no coincidence that the Capitals have been trying to fill the second line center position for years (Fedorov, Morrison, Arnott just to name a few) and in almost every instance they became the top line center moving Backstrom to the second line as the physical prowess and talent lent itself better to Ovechkin's game (as well as the playoff style game.) You can visit:  tickets phantom of the opera new york

The NHL Trade Deadline quickly approaches on April 3rd and what will the Losenoidoomock Washington Capitals do two days from now? These aren't the same Capitals and  kolapadaar that started the lockout shortened season, but they are the same Caps that have sputtered in the playoffs with a few exceptions. A traditional slow franchise start returned to a team that had some conditioning issues much like most teams this season, but also had the honor of learning yet another system from another first time head coach behind the bench. Months later, conditioning aside and player's adaptation to a new system GM George McPhee is confronted with one simple decision to make: Buy or Sell?

A case can be made for McPhee to buy or sell. The team has distanced itself from the cellar and with an eye toward the final playoff spot. If you're a fan of the Caps and believe that anything is possible in the post season or if you still believe that personnel changes aren't necessary...that the window is still open for the composition of the same roster full of playoff failure then adding a key asset without mortgaging the future would be the direction to go or at least stand pat.

On the other hand, if you believe that the Capitals are the same organization that said rebuilding and forced losing was necessary to become a better team than selling some assets like a 33 year old Ribeiro for prospects may be the appropriate course of action, because the better question to ask is: Are the Capitals better than seven other Eastern Conference teams should they make the playoffs so they can return to the Stanley Cup Finals? Again this is the same team that decided to trade Lang, Jagr, and Bondra when the team still could have limped into the post season another year or two.

So if selling a prospect or current player to bolster the post season position isn't the answer for the long term then could standing pat really be better? Yes and No. First an answer must be made regarding Ribeiro. He's been productive but he's already 33 and is most likely not going to duplicate too many more seasons statistically like the current season. You can see more about seo london careers.

Cue the Tom Rinaldi voice over, cut to a shot of an empty soccer field with a well timed morning fog settling over the pitch, now Rinaldi says something like Charlie Davies always dreamt of being a World Cup Hero, but he never imagined his boyhood dream would take so many twists and turns... Now cut to a shot of pictures of a crushed car on the side of the George Washington Parkway, cue Davies mom saying something that makes your heart hurt.

To this point just a week ago, that was the Charlie Davies story, but redemption is right around the corner, literally. More info you can find here  facebook wayback machine
Mere miles from the sight of a car crash that nearly took his life, Charlie Davies will now play his home games at RFK after signing a one year loan deal with DC United.
Davies journey has been long and tumultuous, from France to DC and back Davies has turned tradgedy into inspiration.

The Charlie Davies story is an agonizing tale of a young man who made one bad decision that almost cost his life and seriously damaged his professional career.

Rewind to October 2009, the US National team was getting ready to host Costa Rica at RFK Stadium (That's right it still exists, but no one wants to admit it because it's a dump) in a huge World Cup qualifying game. The US was in need of a tie or win to clinch a spot in the World Cup. A loss would have put the US into a playoff against a South American team for a trip to South Africa.

The night before the deciding game Charlie Davies missed curfew and was involved in a near fatal car crash. Davies who was considered the number one or two forward for the US and a pure scorer to boot suffered a broken right leg, broken left elbow, lacerated bladder and facial fractures.

The US would go on to tie Costa Rica in thrilling fashion on a last second header. The tie won the US its group and a spot in the Cup. Charlie's teammates admitted that they were trying to win one for their tickets matilda broadway fallen forward. The initial reaction to the win was palpable and it seemed like no one was fully ready to except how bad off Davies was.